WIRED’s Product Reviews Have a New Look, and a New Mission

By widening our coverage of consumer products, we’ll be able to help you make informed buying decisions about more things in your life.

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10 excellent battery pack gifts for your friend whose phone always dies

 After putting our favorite battery packs in various gift guides over the years, we decided to go all out this year and do a gift guide JUST for battery packs. I consider myself something of a battery pack aficionado, so I decided to step up to the plate and lay out some of my favorites. Read More

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This DIY project lets you catch a falling muon

 Physicists at MIT have developed and released a $100 muon detector that you can build at home, allowing you to sense deep space bombardment on something that looks like a TV remote. The CosmicWatch is basically a little box that can detect high-energy cosmic rays as they hit the Earth’s atmosphere and decay into muons.
Muons hit the Earth in a “light drizzle” say the… Read More

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Shadow upgrades its cloud computer for gamers and opens signups to everyone

 French startup Blade, the company behind Shadow, announced at a press conference that it is launching new offers, updating specifications and the ability to become a client and buy a subscription without any waiting list. Shadow is a gaming PC in the cloud for a monthly fee. The company has been running thousands of computers with an Intel Xeon processor and an Nvidia GTX 1070 in a data… Read More

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YouTube returns to the Amazon Echo Show

 When the Amazon Echo Show first debuted, it included a YouTube feature, as is right and proper for a device with a screen capable of playing video and connecting to the internet. But Google quickly nixed the Echo Show YouTube player, since it was a non-standard presentation of the company’s stuff which did not comply with their terms of use. Now, YouTube is back on Echo Show (via… Read More

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