IDG Contributor Network: IoT is going to kill your smartphones

I don’t remember when I last used my phone.

Seriously. No, really, I am not a tech-denying hipster who brags about using command line for everything or who uses technologies that are deemed ancient even by the Amish community’s standards. I don’t live under a rock. On the contrary, I live on the cutting edge, using the latest technologies as and when possible.

What I actually meant was that while I was using my phone, I was not using it.

OK, I get it. It’s confusing.

As a writer, I spend a lot of my time in a web browser reading, or in a word processor writing. I utilize my laptop exclusively for work and personal use. I tried the iPad Pro and bought all the possible keyboards for it, but it can’t replace my laptop as a primary typing device let alone do all that I do on the laptop — image and video editing, working with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, manage 3D printing, run virtual machines to review and test different distributions, manage my servers and websites, and much more. Don’t trust Tim Cook when he said that the iPad Pro is going to replace the laptop.

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